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Feeling like something's missing?

2009-05-22 12:12:21 by zlxq3000

It's probably my stuff. Yup, I deleted it all. Everything on here that I've submitted over the last couple of years is gone now. Why? Well, it wasn't all the most fantastical stuff ever, so I decided it was about time to clean out my NG account and start over fresh.

If there's anything of mine that you can remember that you want me to put up on here, let me know. I'll only put up things that were on NG in the first place (so no Zix's Forums or any of that garbage).

So yeah. I'll be uploading things soon, and updating this page and all kinds of junk like that, so stay tuned, I guess.


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2009-05-22 13:26:26

Hey, check out my profile. Everyday, I choose the best suggestion for a comic strip and draw it :P It kinda goes along like a story, right a guy has been stabbed by a radioactive unicorn...


2009-05-22 17:01:29

I just looked, your things all got blammed.


2010-06-17 02:19:54

Make easy money for free using Easy Vouch and donate it to Newgrounds so we can get the front page back to the way it used to be.


2011-02-26 15:42:43

So far it's a good start!

V vs S is the best flash I have seen today, and I have seen a lot.